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Samsung Is Now Producing Biologic Drugs, Howbeit?




Samsung is set on another desirable mission and if you ask me, I’ll say the tech giant is no more contented with producing smart techs alone as it has decided to breeze into the world of biotechnology, with hopes of beating the likes of Pfizer, Roche and Bayer at what they do best.

Late last year, at an event attended by Samsung employees and the future chairman Lee Jae-Yong, Samsung BioLogics Chief Executive, Kim Tae-Han, made known Samsung’s intention to start producing biologic drugs other than your favourite smartphones as he announced Samsung’s new biotechnology manufacturing plant.

The initiative, it appears, will be a bit “off the edge and of a note” because Samsung is planning to manufacture the biologic drugs from living cells and blood components rather than the chemicals we are all accustomed to and these biologic drugs can be used to treat cancer and arthritis, among other things. 

Awesome innovation you will say but all these is in the light of making the process of manufacturing the drugs smoother and more efficient. However, there’s a concern about the entire biotechnology terrain. Will it be big enough to contain the main players like Pfizer, Roche and Bayer, coupled with Samsung’s massive entrance?

Maybe Samsung will prove itself big enough to contend with them all, all fingers crossed.

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