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Samsung wants to transform Nigerian educational system, really

Nigerian educational system has stopped being a laudable sector for about 20 years now when it abruptly stopped growing with technology. Bad infrastructures, lack of basic amenities, inexperienced staffs, bad results and so on but fortunately for the sake of the students,  it appears there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is right in the hands of Samsung.

Samsung Electronics West Africa in partnership with the Federal Government and Skool Media have concluded arrangement to digitize no fewer than 104 Unity schools in Nigeria on the platform of mobile learning.

Talk about a way out of a ditch and a ladder is thrown at you from nowhere. This innovation would literally bring the four walls of the classroom to the doormat of every potential student, making education interactive, collaborative and conducive for both the students and teachers and Samsung is not holding back on the necessary equipments to make this act work because it is kitting the classrooms across these Unity schools with Samsung Electronic Boards, Wireless Printers and wireless connectivity while tablets will be distributed to the students.

Hopefully, with time, our educational system should be transformed to its desired state and problems of outdated libraries and the rest will seize to be while delivering a proportional effect on the students’ overall performance.

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