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Sharp unveils tuxedo-wearing dancing robot phone



There’s a new gadget on the way from Sharp: the RoBoHoN, a tuxedo-clad robot who dances, projects videos from its head, and also just happens to be able to make phone calls and send texts.

It’s intended to be a digital assistant, hence the Jeeves-esque attire, and stands at 19.5cm tall ready to take voice-activated orders. It supposedly gets to know you as you use it, and learns your “profile and usage situation”.

Features include the ability to dance on command – whether you prefer to see some breakdancing or funky disco moves – hold a semi-passable conversation, take pictures, and stay still when you want to use it to make a phone call.

The smartphone part of the bot can be accessed from its back, and the specs aren’t too bad: it’s 4G-enabled, and has Bluetooth, a 1,700mAh battery, 8MP camera, and quad-core processors – though sadly the screen is only two inches big.

It’s also got a HD laser projector embedded into its head.


Yoshisuke Hasegawa, a Sharp director, said: “RoBoHoN doesn’t just deliver the fun of a smartphone, it’s a robot phone that responds to people with charm and fun.” He’s not wrong.

RoBoHoN owners can download special robot apps that can “expand the range of functions and services” it has – which we assume includes more dance moves.

Unfortunately RoBoHoN isn’t the most affordable of gadgets: it costs 198,000 Yen (around £1,280) without tax. Still, it’s available from 26 May if you fancy splashing out, though it can only be activated by residents of Japan.




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