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Smart Shoe to Charge Your Smartphone




Power Banks are used to charge Smartphones on a regular basis as they govern most of our professional lives but have you ever heard of a smart shoe that can charge up your Smartphone? I bet you haven’t! Vibram, the Italian shoe company announces its first shoe prototype that can convert and use energy to charge your mobile phone, according to dnaindia.com.

Vibram has announced new smart shoes that can charge a Smartphone. The shoe’s technology has been developed exclusively by Vibram, having worked  very closely with the IIT (Italian Institute of Technology), the Centre for Micro-BioRobotics in Pontedera and InStep NanoPower, a U.S. company that specializes in nanotechnology and renewable energy.

This partnership has resulted in the development of a shoe which can store and convert the energy produced by movement, in this case walking, and use it to charge various devices including a Mobile phone. The working mechanism is actually an integrated system in the midsole of the shoe which converts the energy to power an internal electronic device. Walking at a standard speed generates an average 1 watt of energy, with 8 hours of walking enough to charge your Smartphone.

The power generated is also affected by the weight of the user, his or her walking speed and the load carried, so walk faster and you will be able to generate more energy.

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