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Snapchat May Add New Chat, Audio and Video Calling Features


The messaging app Snapchat appears to be working on several new features that could result in a dramatically different experience for users. The features, discovered by developers at Snapprefs, could enable a new chat interface called ChatV2 that would make it easier to launch voice and video calls, among other capabilities.

Snapprefs, a project to develop enhanced features for Snapchat using the Xposed Module Repository framework, first called attention to the new features in a post on the XDA developers form on Friday. In an update posted today, Snapprefs user MaaarZ described how developers were able to get aspects of the new Snapchat interface working on a device running Android Marshmallow.


Here is a picture of what the User Interface might look like according to snapprefs


The new feature more closely resembles the interface used by other video chat applications such as Google Hangouts or Facebook Messenger, according to 9to5Google.

“Judging from the rather fleshed out interface and that the features are working, these features appear to be more than just internal testing on the part of Snapchat,” 9to5Google noted. “If anybody can popularize video calling, it should be Snapchat with this new interface and features.”





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