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Sony says it has sold over 30 million PlayStation 4s


Sony says it has sold 30 million consoles, likely beating Xbox One and Wii U added together. Sony has sold more than 30 million PlayStation 4 consoles, meaning that it is probably more popular than its two competitors combined. The company said that as of 22 November it had sold 30.2 million PlayStation 4s since the console was released in late 2013. Sales figures for main competitor the Xbox One, as well as previous PlayStations, are hard to come by. But Sony claims that the PlayStation 4 is beating both. The newest-generation console is the showing “the fastest and strongest growth in PlayStation hardware history”, Sony said.

VGChartz’s unofficial and unverified count puts the total number of Xbox Ones sold at 15.6 million, and says that Nintendo has sold 11 million Wii Us. That means that the both of the PlayStation 4’s current competitors added together are likely to have sold less than Sony’s console.

But Microsoft has been catching on Sony’s growth in recent months. Last month saw the first time since April that the Xbox One sold more than the PlayStation 4, likely helped by the sale of exclusive game Halo 5: Guardians.



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