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Sony Thinks They Can Ship 60 Million PS4s By April 2017



To date and last we checked, Sony had managed to sell 40 million PlayStation 4 units. Analysts are expecting that by 2019, Sony will be able to sell as many as 69 million units but it turns out that Sony is more optimistic about their sales. According to the company’s recently released financials, they think that by April 2017, they will be able to ship as many as 60 million PS4 consoles.

Of course we don’t have to tell you that shipped and sold are two very different things. Shipped would simply mean that these consoles are going out to retailers who will then sell them to gamers. Sold would mean the actual units sold. However shipment is sometimes based on demand, so for Sony to think that in the next year there will be a demand for 20 million units of PS4s is rather optimistic.

That being said, there are rumors that Sony is preparing a PS4 Neo which is basically an upgraded version of the PS4 console. There is also the PlayStation VR, so combine both of that and we’re probably looking at a lot of renewed interest, or new interest from gamers who might have otherwise passed on buying a PS4.

It remains to be seen if Sony will be successful and correct in their estimates, but what say you? Could we see 60 million PS4s shipped by April 2017?



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