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Precision in medicine is when a doctor prescribes Fansidal for Dotun and Artesinuate for Ade, based on their gene. And not the norm, in which a doctor relies on his senses to diagnose illness and monitor a patient’s condition, thereby debunking the one-size-fits-all procedure.

We have long been subdued to the “merry-go-round” habit when it comes to treating malaria. People are used to taking two different malaria drugs, all in the name of discovering the right drug for themselves. God so good,technology is about to put an end to all these, by adding precision and that is exactly what we are all looking for.

By understanding a person’s biology and how he will react to a particular therapy, researchers will be able to develop more targeted and effective treatment options and physicians will more accurately prescribe those treatments.

Scientists will in theory, unearth the information that will empower patients to play a much more proactive role in driving their health outcomes than ever before by engineering the technology and implementing a system for routinely sequencing genomes.

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“You can match a blood transfusion to a blood type,” Obama said. “What if matching a cancer cure to our genetic code was just as easy? Just as standard? That’s the promise of precision medicine, delivering the right treatments at the right time, every time, to the right person.”

As we can see,the future of medicine is clearly moving toward one goal: tailoring the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease to specific patients through the use of the most advanced technologies available. Such technologies are Correlations and Data Science,  Advancing Clinical Utility of Genomics,”Datafication” of Tissue,  Telemedicine and Biosensors,Engineering Cells and Printing Organs. I know the words sounds immense, you don’t have to bother your heads about that, but watch out! Technology is about to change the world for better!


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