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The Black And White Of Warranty Fraud In Nigeria

It is kind of heartbreaking when you expect so much from something and what you get at the end is below the average. Or to be tossed side to side and around on your rights, despite the black and white print we call warranty.

Undeniably, there are more than enough smartphone retailers around us, both on the roadside and a few selected hubs (e.g Computer village, GSM village, etc.), yet, a lot of us will still prefer to exchange our hard earned income for the same gadgets at a higher cost from these posh retailers, all because of the strings of benefit attached to buying from them and eventually become a victim of warranty fraud.

This phenomenon is real and it happened to one of my good friends, Toke. Toke got so excited about a Galaxy tab she saw somewhere and decided to buy it from a respectable retailer in Lagos, only to get home to discover that the tab was malfunctioning. As you will expect, she took it back immediately to the retailer with the necessary papers and what ensued after is a big story. The outfit refused to give her another one and started playing her back and forth. Come back today, tomorrow and after she threatened to expose them, they then decided to give her another tab which is low-grade to the one she actually bought.

Now tell me what you will do if you were in her shoes. Raise hell? Or walk away in indignation for the sake of peace while accepting your fate as it is?

Definitely, not everyone has the patience of waiting on our law enforcement agents to take up the matter (that is if they would anyway) nor will anyone be willing to subdue him or herself to the rigmarole process of the law.

Nonetheless, there is an effective way to go about getting your rights served while it’s still hot and it is simply through CPC, Consumer Protection Council. The council was set up by the Federal government to confront and address the needs of every disgruntled consumer who is able to place his or her complaints on its portal. One of the numerous cases the council has solved is that of Multichoice’ increase in subscription fees last year. The issue was well addressed by CPC and there is so much peace between the subscribers and Multichoice now.


So, if you know any disgruntled consumer out there, please tell him to quickly type his complaints on the CPC portal.

Remember, “The ink is black, the paper is white and together, we learn to read and write.”


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