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The next iPhone software update will help you sleep better


Electronics interrupt our sleep and make it harder for us to fall asleep as quickly as we’d like, due to the blue light they emit.  Apple is battling this with the next Apple software update – following in the footsteps of Amazon’s ‘Blue Shade’ which was added to its Fire tablets, and Google’s ‘Night Light’ on the Google Play books app.

The next software update, Apple iOS 9.3, will include something Apple are calling ‘Night Shift’, which will use your iDevice’s clock and geolocation to determine when the sun sets overhead.

Once the natural light surrounding you begins to disappear, iOS 9.3 will automatically shift display colours to the warmer end of the spectrum – filtering out the blue light that causes sleep problems.

Although the update is not yet available, Apple released the first beta to developers this week along with a sneaky preview on their website, highlighting the changed features.

You will be able to make notes more secure if they contain sensitive personal details like passwords or medical information by requiring a password or a fingerprint to access.

It also makes changes to News, health apps and CarPlay.



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