The Peak is to concentrates as the Pax 3 is to looseleaf vaping — that is, dead simple. The rig itself stands under a foot tall and weighs a bit over a pound. The battery needs just 2 hours to fully charge and offers between 25 and 30 hits before it depletes. You just need to add the concentrate of your preference — whether its shatter, crumble, wax, or oil — to the heating chamber, double-click the activation button. The rig requires only 20 seconds to fully heat, regardless of which of the four temperature settings you’ve selected. That’s magnitudes faster than enails and far safer than wielding a blowtorch. What’s more, the system will automatically adjust the heat settings as you use it so that every session delivers the same experience.The Peak will begin shipping in early February and it’s expected to retail for around $350 when it does.