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The Real reason Netflix won’t let you watch movies offline


It’s one of the biggest complaints about Netflix – why won’t they let you watch movies offline?

Amazon recently confirmed they’re now allowing users to download movies and Sky has been offering an offline service for a number of years.

But Netflix are standing firm on the issue and won’t be allowing offline content anytime soon.

Speaking to , Neil Hunt, Netflix’s Chief Product Officer, explained the reasons behind the download ban.

“I think it’s something that lots of people ask for. We’ll see if it’s something lots of people will use.

“Undoubtedly it adds considerable complexity to your life with Amazon Prime – you have to remember that you want to download this thing.

“It’s not going to be instant, you have to have the right storage on your device, you have to manage it, and I’m just not sure people are actually that compelled to do that, and that it’s worth providing that level of complexity.”

Hunt went on to say that offering offline content could “paralyse some people who can’t decide if that’s what they want to do or not.”

For now, Netflix users will still need to be tied to WiFi to watch, but there may be a glimmer of hope that offline viewing could come in the future.

Netflix recently announced that it now has over 60 million users worldwide.

The movie service also confirmed that prices would rise over the next few years to help bring more exclusive content to the platform.


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