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The Rise of Jumia,The Pain of Iya Oloja (Market Woman or Regular Store)

In the early 2000, whoever desires to buy a new attire, appliance or furniture is left with no other option than to physically patronize the factory outlets, mega stores, supermarkets, malls,boutiques and so on. But now, it is quite obvious that the music has changed.

Yes, and it is apparently the jolly tune of of Jumia, Konga, Dealdey and the rest that is actually tingly to most consumer’s ears since they came on the stage some years back. Though, they have been generous enough to leave a tiny space for the physical outlets to stand on.

With no reservations in our hearts, am sure we can all attest to the fact that the rise of the various online shopping platforms has enormously reduced our interest in the common sales outlets of old , and the reason is not far fetched.

First is conveniency which is one of the qualities the online shopping portals are well appreciated for. Imagine the conveniency of having a fridge or large bedding delivered to your doorstep, compared to the stress of bearing the scorching sun and Lagos traffic, let alone the mouth watering discounts and myriad choices of goods they push at consumers’ nose everyday. (Sure one of them is not far from yours right now, thanks to internet.)

And the more these various online shopping platforms grow, the more the businesses of the real time stores and shopping outlets are shattered and these may eventually lead to their extinction. Too bad! You will say. But that is the future interpretation or say consequence if they refuse to do something drastic about it.

Maybe this will drive the various factory outlets, stores, boutiques and what have you to drift or graduate to the online platform too,since it is the “in thing,” or what other choice do they seem to have? What with the festive season that is fast approaching? A period known for massive patronization and sales. How do the physical outlets intend to stay in the competition?

Definitely, it will be a good thing for them to have a clear strategy in place before then. The kind of strategy that will sustain their businesses, or else, the shopping platforms will eventually overhaul their businesses and that will bring too much pain on their heads.

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