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This Website can be your Uncle and end your relationship for you


Since internet and technology showed up, some things wont appear to us as surprise but it is also making us lazy as well. I’m not the lazy type but the shy type. breakup shop

If you think your love life is close to a lime and leaves your eyes with enough tap water. I think the best way to stop it is to END it. You’re shy or scared to end it? Never worry about that anymore since you are lazy, shy and not bold enough to do so, i bring to you your SAVIOUR and your Elder BROTHER called THE BREAK UP SHOP.

The Break Up Shop is an online platform that will help you end your relationship via text $10, Phone call $29, or a letter $30 and if you’re sure your potential EX-BAE wont swear or rain tsunami of curse for you, You can package Breakup gift pack for $80 this includes a copy of Call of Duty: Ghosts, a $30 Netflix gift card, a Blu-ray copy of the Notebook, a pack of cookies and a sympathy letter.


Here is the Breakup Gift Pack Box:

Breakup Gift Pack


This is how a breakup text would look like:

The Breakup Shop

The letter looks a bit like when we all started it

The Breakup Shop



Ladies & Gentlemen, since its available here in Nigeria too and the “I dont love you anymore” style is getting stale, be creative with it now that technology and the internet is here for you by visiting breakupshop.com today.

So, People of God are you using it anytime soon?

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