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Truecaller wants to replace your email address with your phone numbers

There is hardly an account you can create today on apps and websites without the need of a valid email address and this phenomenon has practically turned our email addresses to our online ID but Truecaller thinks it is hi-time phone numbers replace email addresses as our online IDs.

Some may argue that you can, at least, make do with your Facebook account on some websites and apps. The truth is, it still boils down to your email address because your Facebook account can’t stand alone without your email address.

However, Truecaller is leaning on the notion that smartphones have replaced computers as the most popular tool for connecting to the Web, making our phone numbers the most suitable form of an online ID. If I may ask, “Why would you need an email if most of your online deals are done on your phone?

This brilliant move will also go a long way in identifying and preventing fraudulent activities on the internet as it will provide a sure and quick means of identity verification. In lieu of this, Truecaller has announced an SDK called TrueSDK, a platform that enables app publishers to let registered Truecaller users sign up, using their phone number as their ID.

Truecaller’s chief strategy officer and co-founder, Nami Zarringhalam affirmed in a statement that, “We realized the power and importance of a mobile number, especially when it comes to personal identification. Our aim is to empower third-party apps with a credible verification option and enable users to use the app of their choice by making their phone numbers their identity.”

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