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TrueMessenger will definitely give you the Notion


The rate of mobile penetration in Nigeria has grown so large and wide, that advertisers can’t help but spread news of their products through SMS messaging. The messages, as we all know,are usually constructed to come in form of free gifts, card offer sand marketing promotions.

The downside to this is that fraudsters are also using the same method to send legitimate-looking messages.Thereby, making it hard for people to decipher what is legit from what is not and this can often lead to more serious misuse of personal information and identity theft.

The good news is that the spam phenomenon of a thing will soon be put in the past with the recent introduction of TrueMessenger app. Right from the same vendor of TrueCaller, the app works just like TrueCaller by putting a name to any number and it has the ability to filter and block spam text messages.

At long last, mobile users can now identify unwanted numbers,block or avoid messages from them and stop worrying about anonymous numbers.

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