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Urine-Powered Wearable, Another Quasimodo?

Little thought is given to one’s urine other than a waste or burden to be ridden of, safe for some medical reasons which look so absurd and disgusting but what about it being able to generate electricity? That’s something out of the ordinary and you will admit it is worth giving an ear to.

Thanks to a team of scientists from the University of the West of England in Bristol, who just developed the world’s first urine-powered wearables in the form of socks. The scientists, led by Dr Ioannis Ieropoulos, employed the use of bacteria to turn fluid waste to electricity, a process well known as Microbial fuel cell technology.


So, by walking about in your urine filled high-tech socks, you force around 648 milliliters of your urine through integrated tubes and into microbial fuel cells (MFCs) which in turn create electricity.

power socks3

Please note that the electricity produced from the urine-filled socks may not be enough to power your home, but the scientists bet it’s enough to power a wireless transmitter to send out a message every two minutes which is quite perfect for situations where your phone is dead or you don’t have coverage and you might need to broadcast an emergency message.

So much for that which you get to cover your nose from for a little delight at the darkest hour, right?

At this point, you will be itching to ask me how the urine gets into the socks. Well, the team is envisaging clothings that already has urine incorporated, so people don’t have to worry about handling it themselves.

Well, don’t be too excited about this because you won’t find them in the stores yet but you can wait for it.

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