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US Marshals Swooped A Hoverboard Stand At CES

For the first time in the history of trade shows, a Chinese hoverboard maker’s stand,Changzhou First International Trade was swooped by US Marshals at the CES tech show in Vegas, confiscating all the company’s one-wheeled vehicles along with its signs in the raid.

The company was raided following a patent infringement claim filed against them by Future Motion, a California-based rival.The one wheeled vehicles called “surfing electric scooters” are different from the hoverboards exhibited by other companies at the CES because they have a single central wheel rather than the normal one at each end which makes it quite similar to Future Motion’s Onewheel vehicle that uses sensors and computer controls to maintain balance on the board.


The patents filed against them were for the design of the device and the other for setting out methods to make the skateboard self-stabilizing and these could lead to a permanent injunction that will prevent the Chinese company from selling the product in the US and some overwhelming monetary charges.

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