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VLC for iOS update turns Apple Watch into remote control, media browser

VLC, quite possibly the most useful third-party media player software, has just updated its app for iOS, including a number of feature improvements and fixes, along with support for the Apple Watch. As an app that is used to play and watch locally stored media content, VLC is available on just about every platform you can imagine, and because it can handle almost any media file-type, it’s usefulness can’t be understated.

The iOS app update, now available on the App Store, brings this version of VLC up to version 2.6.0. The most prominent new features involve using the Apple Watch not only for playback controls, but also to browse available media in a user’s content library.

As you can see in the screenshots below, the app’s home screen on the Watch allows quick access to both music and TV shows, as well as controls for play/pause, rewind, and fast-forward.

Browsing files is presented as a simple list with the title and thumbnail image, while tapping an item presents details like the file’s runtime, and button to have it begin playing immediately.

The VLC update also includes a few new features that don’t focus on the Watch, such as a mini-player that can be used while browsing content on the main iOS device like an iPhone or iPad, along with support for PLEX shares that are password protected, and looping playlists. Lastly the app fixes a number of bugs that caused repeated crashes and affected playback reliability.


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