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What Won’t You Give For Your Child In An Insecure World?




The subject of kidnappings and abduction in our society has become a clear and present danger that deserves a desperate action, no doubt. Especially with the series of some missing child’s news that keeps flooding the social media every now and then, one is forced to look for whom to blame for the child’s misfortune. Is it the society or the parent?

As always, most of the blame will fall on the parent’s head and this is why all parents must be on guard, like always.

To start with, the safety of your kids depend a lot on those you give charge over them when you are not around. Such as house maids, family members and so on and if I may ask, do you as a lady say yes to a guy you don’t know “a thing” about? Definitely not until you have done a little digging here and there and this practically applies to those you entrust your kids to too. What is their past record like? Associations, habits, likes and so on.

Looks can be deceptive...don't be fooled

Looks can be deceptive…don’t be fooled

All the same, in order to achieve optimum safety, you may have to ‘bug’ both your child and those you put them in care. At this junction, you will admit that “trackers” and “bugs” do have a thing in common, right?  Taking us to the part where gadgets will have to come into play,as they are the best means by which you can really guarantee your ward’s safety to a superb extent.

So, introducing the first tech is the spy camera which everyone must have been familiar with by now,going by the instance of the Ugandan maid that went viral on the social media some time ago. Safe for the spy camera, the parents won’t have had a clue to the source of the scars on their child’s body and the sugar of this tech is it can be accessed from anywhere on any internet enabled device.It can either be hidden or exposed.

Next gadget is a bluetooth device that can be attached to your little kid’s clothing or bag and it works on radio frequency which is why its proximity alerts can’t go beyond 1600 feet. What this means is you can’t be too far away from your kid. It is perfect for leisurely family excursions where you feel like giving your kid a little air of independence with an eye closed. Also handy in situations where you feel like tying the tail of your cloth to that of your kid less he wanders off in big obnoxious places like a mall or church and is suitable for close range monitoring alone. Tracking is done on your smartphone.Example is the Sticknfind device.




Moving on, is a smarter device by the name Trax. It is a GPS tracker from the awesome world of wearables. These tracker can be worn like a wristband or belt and it has a pretty long range because it uses GPS technology which can be managed from anywhere in the world.

That sounds good, right?

Since most kids cherish toys,they will definitely feel good with these trackers and good enough,it gives the location of the wearer via an interactive map.



It has an SOS or talk button which the track wearer can use to contact or alert his parents or administrators when in danger and it can be administered by four users.

Perfect! This means that someone will always be there whenever the kid falls in need of a help and it’s distinct attribute is that it alerts the administrators whenever the wearer tries to remove it.Thats just so cool.

There is also a mobile device for toddlers called the children security phone Z9000.It is portable,toy-like,sim card enabled and also has a GPS locator.

Z9000 Babyphone

Z9000 Babyphone

It’s quite attractive to kids and has an SOS or talk button too. 

Amazingly, all these gadgets don’t cost a fortune like some may be thinking and you can contact us for more details if you are interested.

So,what if someone calls you up at work and asks you where your kids are, won’t your answer be more accurate with these devices? It’s just a question anyway.

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