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When Will Humanity Fade Out Completely




To every abnormally is a spiritual manifestation and likewise a scientific formula to explain the process. To be candid, it is unfair to associate the end of the human race to something that is beyond the ordinary because each and every likable human phenomenon is determined by little-little signs that could be traced to science. 

Since the inception of civilization and rise of ecological infrastructures some thousands of years back, the world has witnessed different degrees of extinction. Seemingly, what goes around, will surely come around one day and in this anticipation, many will want to ask when humans should expect it to be there turn, right? Good and not so funny question!

Well, in order to get our facts right, we need to first highlight the major cause of the former extinctions and they are none other than a lack of the basic things the “extinct” species depended on for survival. Such basic things like oxygen, water, food, shelter, Sun and so on but we must not forget that all these were the result of humans development through ages and I guess that at this point, I’m safe to say that the root cause of the former extinctions are simply humans!

So, hypothetically, if humans and their operations on earth caused all the forms of extinction, then, the most probable cause of human extinction can only be humans themselves, and this could be deliberate in terms of war or non-deliberate in terms of their handwork back firing, assuming that God sits with His arms crossed in heaven when this happens.

Perhaps, we need to examine the possible threats that can wipe away humanity such as an incidence of Gamma ray bursts, a possible outbreak of some virulent disease that will be super resistant to the effect of antibiotics, or some super volcanic eruptions that can overhaul the entire earth and the Sun turning to a red giant that will fry off every being on the surface of the earth, to mention a few.

Breathe! The same science that predicted all these possible occurrences didn’t say anything about them coming to pass sooner and humans for who they are will always find a way to adapt in all situations. If the Sun turns to a red giant in a billion years as predicted, I can bet that humans would have relocated to the stars then because they would have developed the means to relocate themselves to safe places in the first million years of the billion years.

Still shedding more light on the indelible truth, we humans are the only ones that can cause our extinction, God apart and such clues can be found in the increase of weapons of mass destruction here and there. What about the generation of human-like machines, the AIs, self drive cars, self drive planes and the rest? Would humans stand a chance if they suddenly decide to be a threat? (Considering the fact that they have a mind of their own).

Incredibly, in all these, I’ve come to find some sanity in my faith, in the fact that where there’s a good, there’s an evil. Likewise, some solace in the truth that, “where there’s a beginning, there’s always an ending.”

This is the Beginning of the End! Keep your heads ringing!


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