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Where Will You, Your Business And The World Be Without Google?

Google will always be a household name wherever you go and there is no Apple or entity big enough to make it less. I can vividly remember the day I walked up to my sisters as a young boy and asked if Google was a kind of god since they are always asking it things they don’t know. That was then anyway because I became accustomed to the phrase “ask Google” in little time, just like everyone.

Arguably, Google is still the world’s largest and most accurate search engine with over a trillion websites indexed. What this means to you, as a user of the Google search engine, is you have a much better chance of finding, not only the information you want, but a wide variety of sources that offer this information. No wonder it is a wealth of knowledge and information that served and still serving as a learning tool to all students. 

But the search engine is just a fraction of what Google offers on a platter to its users and this is where Google+ comes in to the picture, a platform that has grown beyond a social networking tool for businesses. With over 500 million active monthly users (According to Social Media Hat), it connects users together across Google services such as Google search, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar and YouTube.

Besides, businesses gained more exposure when their contents show up significantly higher in search results than it otherwise normally would, which powerfully enhanced networking among businesses. Some even refer to Google+ as a sleeping social media giant. “Sleeping” because few businesses truly understand its potential benefits but I believe its giant potential will be unleashed when people finally wake up to what G+ can do for them.

Unlike Facebook, G+ has less distractions from ads; it is more business prone (Facebook is a family and friends thing) and G+ posts are more visible and less prone to being lost in the noise, unlike Twitter.

What about the advantage of cloud computing it offers SMEs? Google Drive is one of the most efficient service you will ever find on Google and SMEs can’t deny it. It comes with an ample storage of 15GB for free and you can purchase up to 100GB for $1.99 per month. Thereby reducing a company’s expenses on storage device, coupled with its collaborative edge that makes it easy for co-workers to share files and work together as a team. So far,companies can boast of storing a large volume of files without any fear of running out of space. They can even access these files on their devices from wherever they may be, at any time T.

And when it comes to effective communication within circles and work force, G+ “Hang Out” feature will always stand out among the rest.

Truth: Our lives revolve around Google.

Can you doubt Google? Nobody can, because it is for real.

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