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White Babalawo “A tech savvy traditionalist” (PHOTOS)

The impact of technology on people’s lifestyle today can never be gainsaid. Over the years, I have come to notice a paradigm shift in the way we see things and it seems some people have grown to have a greater belief in technology, than they ought to in their religion. 

In this vein, a tech savvy traditionalist or babalawo (Traditionalist in Yoruba language) shouldn’t be a big deal then, or is it? To start with, this tech savvy traditionalist is a white guy with a body covered in tattoos, in contrast to the common lifestyle of babalawos of our days.


Babalorisa Paulo Ty Omolu has really stepped up the babalawo game in  Africa by practicing the traditional orthodox way of worshipping God in a more sophisticating manner. And his pictures on Facebook reveals that he definitely knows how to live a life of affluence and class with the possession of gadgets commonly used by the high and mighty in the society.


In the light of this, a future “babalawo based application” on phones shouldn’t come as a surprise to us then. And if you think it should, don’t hesitate to drop your comment below.


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