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Why Every Nigerian Student Should Settle For Digital Textbooks

The main difference between the new method of teaching we see in few of our schools and the old or conventional method common to most schools around is that the former is a technologically improved version of the latter and that’s why it has been able to produce better results since its practice.

In the first place, why do we actually enroll our wards in expensive schools? Think its ego? You are definitely wrong if you think so, because any typical Nigerian parent will never want his hard-earned money go to waste, so the reason is absolutely quality education.

And this is why every educator in Nigeria that wants to be relevant must enforce and practice the use of digital textbooks in their schools (Nelson: 81 percent of Teachers believe that tablets enrich classroom education). Digital textbooks or books in electronic format have come a long way in improving the quality of education and we, the parents, can testify to it because the tech is not strange to us.

Saves on time running to stores and waiting in line. No worries over wear and tear. Low cost.

And what about that intimidating effect a pile of heavy and hefty textbooks normally gives?

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Well, that’s why people like me ran away from Medicine in the days when medical students were known by the thickness of their reading glass.

However, all these advantages are not as good as its awesome ability to properly assess how well a student does, outside of giving tests and quizzes because when e-books are used, teachers can be provided with real-time analytics that tells them exactly how well a student is reading.

Reynol Junco, an Associate Professor in Iowa State University’s School of Education, and his colleague Candrianna Clem collected information from the e-books of 236 students in different classes at Texas A&M-San Antonio. They found that, on average, students read for 7.5 hours over the course of 11 days during the 16-week semester.

What they found to be obvious was the fact that the students who spent the most time reading earned a higher grade in the course when compared to those that didn’t, according to the study, The more interesting aspect of the experiment was that Junco and Clem were able to track a student’s reading time without intruding upon the student.

So, with digital textbooks, faculties or instructors can easily get a sense of how their students are doing in a class without having to wait till the end of the semester. The data from the e-books will also allow instructors to better predict what grade the student is heading toward, make decisions about student performance while impressing upon students that reading the material is crucial.

“The biggest human temptation is to settle for too little.”

–Thomas Merton

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