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Wow! A Fibre Fitted All Over Bizarre Ride From Ibadan


An expression of one’s creativity or idea in a profound and sound manner. Innovation redefined. An apt description of what a 40 year old weaver in Ibadan did with raffia fibre he got from a palm tree. Ojo Obaniyi is well known to people in his environ as a man that makes a living by weaving baskets, chairs, huge flower vases and so on from raffia fibre in his little workshop in the South-western part of the country but the music has changed for him today because he is now known nationwide, to start with.

In a candid bid to prove that he can make positive changes in this world despite his illiteracy,Obaniyi skillfully turned his Volkswagen pick-up truck to a “fibre-fitted all over bizarre ride,” as you can see.


The ride has been an object of amusement since he infected it with his creativity. Referred to as the world’s first handwoven car, Obaniyi wove and designed the entire part of his vehicle with raffia fibre, not leaving an iota of space exposed.


From the seats to the steering wheel and dashboard to the tyre wheels and the bumper. This incredible work of art is definitely worthy of praise and there is no doubt Obaniyi’s ingenuity will bring him fame and respect among his peers.

Kudos Ojo, even though you didn’t see the walls of a classroom, you were able to prove that you can do as well as those that went to school. Keep it up dude.



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