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You Can Now Send Texts in Facebook Messenger’s Android App



We’ve known for a while that Facebook had planned to reintegrate SMS and MMS into its Messenger app for Android. Well, it’s finally live, and it’s pretty great. Here are a few things to note, since not everyone is seeing this ability at the time of this writing:

  • You’ll need to being running the latest version of the app (
  • You may also need to be on the beta channel.
  • Neither of these could matter as this may be a server-side update directly from Facebook.

But, with the conditions met, open Messenger and head to the Settings cog (far right), tap SMS, then toggle on the feature.

If this is the first time you’re doing this, you’ll be prompted to set Messenger as your default SMS app.

That’s it. Messenger will sync all your SMS and MMS messages, then integrate them into your conversation list. You can distinguish between Messenger and text messages with color; the former in blue, the latter in purple.

Best of all, Messenger’s unique features can be used with texts. You can send stickers, voice memos, thumbs up, and even your location.

For someone like me that uses Messenger as my main messaging platform, SMS/MMS integration is clutch. One app for all my messaging, and it’s feature-rich!

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