23 March, 2023

4 cool things you can do with the iOS calculator

Slap on your aviators and step into your flight suit — it's maths time

Remember at school when we were told we had to learn maths because we don’t have calculators in our pockets? WELL BET YOU FEEL PRETTY STUPID RIGHT NOW, MR. WILLIAMS, HAVE YOU SEEN SMARTPHONES LOL LOSER.

In all seriousness, maths is important, kids — stay in school. It’s hard work being a role model.

Anyway, we shouldn’t ignore just how amazing it is that we do, in fact, constantly have a calculator in our pocket. So, we’re here to show you a range of features that the iOS calculator app has that you might not be aware of. Thank us later.

#1: Easily delete numbers with a simple swipe

Let’s say you’re doing a sum and accidentally type the wrong number (think 456 instead 453), for the longest time I just cleared the number and started typing again. This, gentle readers, was foolish.

Instead, if you swipe on the part of the screen where the number’s displayed (circled on the image below), it’ll delete the last digit. Even better, you can achieve this by either swiping left or swiping right — the choice is yours.

This is the part you swipe on. Also, wow, I did a really bad job with this picture.

#2: Copy or paste a number into (or from) the iOS calculator

This one is suuuuper simple: just hold down on the number section of the calculator and you’ll get the option to either copy or paste a number! So efficient.

Told you it was simple, damn.

#3: Quickly copy the iOS calculator’s last result

Let’s say you want to grab the last figure you worked out. Well, there’s an easy way to do that. First, open Command Center on your iOS device (it’ll either be a swipe up or swipe down) and then hold on the calculator button.

You’ll then see a screen like this:


Press that button and you’ll have the last result on your clipboard.

#4: Get a scientific calculator

Possibly the easiest trick of them all — just turn your phone to landscape mode and you’ll have access to a full scientific calculator on iOS:

This truly is… RAD

There you go — four sweet tips that’ll help you get the most out of your iOS calculator!

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