4 February, 2023

Make your kids summer unforgettable!

Summer Drone Camp is about hands-on learning, innovation and adventure. You get to learn about the exciting world of drones. This is a one of a kind summer camp for anybody and everybody. No prior experience needed, great memories guaranteed. Come and  be wowed by this emerging new frontier in technology, make new friends and be among the very first young drone pilots and technicians in the country.

  • The physics of flying
  • Knowing different types of drones and their parts.
  • Rules for safe Drone flying
  • Build or assemble your own mini drone.

Who is this for?.

Our summer Drone Camp is for kids between the ages of 9-15 years both boys and girls, but we will accept any one who is younger or older if they are really interested.

In this camp, students will thrive under the supervision of an adult led staff that are committed to the development of an individual kid and the entire class (team). Safety, learning, and fun are the number one priorities for this program. We are settling for nothing but the best in terms of equipment and personnel.

Our Curriculum

  • Flight Rules and Regulations : kids will learn the very basic overview of what the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) is as well as the rules to drone flying in Nigeria.
  • Drone Simulators: Before they fly the drones , the kids will get to hop on our flight simulators and learn the controls. Campers can also tryout the Drone racing simulator that they can download on their personal computers when they get home.
  • Drone Themed Activities: the kids will be involved in real life drone related activities like search and rescue, drone delivery and racing.
  • Take Apart a Drone: Kids learn the parts of a drone and compete among themselves in assembling different types of drones.

Cost or the program

Full package with your own take home drone kit – 140,000 Naira
Without the Drone- 100,000 Naira

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