23 March, 2023

Apple postpones iPhone assembly in Vietnam due to workers’ living conditions

Apple postpones iPhone assembly in Vietnam due to workers’ living conditions

Apple is currently considering launching an assembly of iPhone Americans who have little interest in smartphones other than iPhones. Apple took almost half of the home market in the second quarter of smartphones in Vietnam, but so far these plans cannot be realized. Manufacturing does not meet Apple requirements.

According to Tang Due Bang, International Relations Manager of Luxshare, who spoke with representatives of AppleInsider, this summer, Apple representatives visited the Luxshare plant in Bakjiang to see the pace of construction of new capacities of their partner in Vietnam and evaluate the possibility of producing smartphones here. iPhone. They also checked that the firm had the investment capital needed to start assembling the iPhone and the living conditions of its workers.

According to Bang, after Apple’s request in December 2019 to expand production of AirPods headphones, Luxshare built a new plant on an area of ​​about 30 hectares in 5 months. As a result, Luxshare’s investment in Bakzyang province reached $ 270 million. Luxshare currently has 28,000 employees but may need to expand to 50,000-60,000 if the company is approved to manufacture the iPhone.

Meanwhile, some of the facilities still do not meet Apple’s requirements, in particular, it concerns dormitories for employees. It is unclear exactly what requirements Luxshare has not met, but it seems that this is the main reason why Apple is in no hurry to issue permission for the production of smartphones.