23 March, 2023

Samsung R&D Spending Reaches Record $ 8.9 Billion in First Half

South Korean company Samsung announced that its research and development spending this year reached a record high. According to published data, in the first six months of 2020, 10.58 trillion won was allocated for these purposes, which is approximately $ 8.9 billion.

Thus, Samsung’s R&D spending increased by 500 billion won compared to the first half of 2019 and accounted for 9.8% of sales in the first six months of 2020. The source says that the company has recruited 1,400 new employees, due to which Samsung’s staff in South Korea has increased to 106,074 people.

Samsung’s largest customers in the first half of the year were Apple, Deutsche Telekom, Tektronix Hong Kong, Huawei, and Verizon. In the reporting period, the company held 32.4% of the global TV market and 16.3% of the smartphone market. Samsung had a market share of 43.8% and 41.3% in the DRAM and smartphone display market for the six months, respectively.

Recall that in the first half of last year, the South Korean tech giant spent $ 8.4 billion on research and development, and for the whole of 2019 – $ 16.5 billion. Thus, Samsung continues to be one of the world’s leading brands in terms of the number of funds invested in research and development. development.