31 March, 2023

Google Duo Introduces Captions for Audio, Video Messages

This feature will only be applicable for recorded video and voice messages, not live video calls.

Google has introduced captions for video and voice messages on Google Duo. This feature will only be applicable to recorded video and voice messages, and not live video calls. The captions will appear at the bottom of the screen when you play the voicemail, just above the ‘Call’ button. These captions will aid in communicating from a noisy place, where the audio often gets lost in the background sounds. The feature is expected to roll out soon.

Google announced the feature on Twitter from its Made by Google handle, with a video that demonstrated how the captions would appear for video messages.

“In a noisy place? No problem. Captions are now available on Google Duo, so you won’t miss a word of your video and voice messages,” said Google in the tweet.

A Google spokesperson confirmed to Android Police that this feature would be available for Android and iOS versions of Duo.

It must be noted that this feature is different from the Live Captions feature that Google rolled out for Pixel phones, where transcription appears for any spoken word on the device.

Recently, an online report had claimed that Google had plans of replacing Google Duo with Google Meet. G Suite head Javier Soltero had reportedly told employees that the coexistence of Duo and Meet, both video calling apps, doesn’t make sense. A merger was reportedly being planned, internally referred to as ‘Duet’ (Duo + Meet.)

In the past, reports have also suggested that Google Chrome browser will soon support the Live Caption feature. Video calling platforms have seen a steady rise in their userbase the past few months, with more and more tasks being performed virtually, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Google Duo group calls had started with just four participants initially that was then increased to eight and then to 12 participants in March. Now, Google Duo supports up to 32 people in a group call.