23 March, 2023

Google Maps Gets Redesigned ‘Saved’ Tab With Carousels for Easier Access to Locations

Google Maps update was released on August 26 and is yet to make its way to all Android and iOS devices.

Google Maps mobile app has got a redesigned ‘Saved’ tab with carousels in place of tabs on top. The development was shared by Google through a blog post. The carousel display includes Recently saved as the first option, followed by Nearby saved, Visited, and then Your lists. This update for Google Maps started rolling out yesterday, August 26, as per Google. The search giant said this will make it “easier for you to find and remember the places that matter most to you.”

As per Google’s blog post, the Saved tab has been revamped for easier access to your saved places, recently visited places, and more. Before the update, the Saved tab at the bottom showed Lists, Labeled, Reservations, Following, Visited, and Maps in the form of tabs that can be swiped through. After the update, the Saved tab shows carousels for options mentioned earlier.

The Recently saved carousel allows you to see freshly added locations quicker than before without having to enter every list. There is a cover image, name, and description for each location. The Nearby saved section shows all the saved places close to your location in a carousel that is sorted by distance. This only works when location permission is enabled for Google Maps, the blog pointed out.

The Visited section also requires location history to be enabled. It helps you “remember the places you’ve been and routes you’ve taken.” These locations are organised by time, city, region, or country. Lastly, the revamped Saved tab on Google Maps shows Your lists, where you can see the lists of memorable or important location saved by you. You can make the list private, shared, or public, and give it a name and description.

The updated Saved tab started rolling out on Wednesday, according to Google, but we could not see it on some of our Android devices or any iOS device. This suggests that it is a staged rollout and that all users should see this feature in the coming few days.