23 March, 2023

New GoPro Hero 9 leaks show off a full-color, front-facing display

So vloggers can check the shot while they record

GoPro may be adding one of its most useful new features to its main camera line with the upcoming Hero 9: a front-facing color screen. The feature, revealed in leaked renders obtained by WinFuture, wouldn’t be a first for GoPro; the company added such a screen to last year’s GoPro Max camera. But that device is a 360 camera costing $500, so adding one to the presumably cheaper Hero 9 — so filmmakers (and especially vloggers) can see in full color what the shot looks like as they record — is a nice touch.

The leaks indicate the new front-facing screen would remain the same size as the current monochrome status display, which sits on the front next to the lens. That screen typically displays information like frame rate, resolution, and other recording info, but in this context could showcase an in-progress live feed while you record.

Photo: WinFuture

We don’t know too much else about the GoPro Hero 9 other than rumors that the company may up the Hero line’s recording quality from 4K to 5K. But more of the renders, which you can check out at WinFuture, make clear that not a whole lot seems to be changing beyond the updated front-facing display. We might be waiting a little while longer until we hear anything official from GoPro, though.