23 March, 2023

Satechi Quatro packs Apple Watch and Qi wireless charging into a USB-C battery bank

AirPower to go, kinda

You could already buy a battery bank with a built-in Apple Watch charger. You could buy one with a wireless charging pad, too — they even sell one with a built-in kickstand.

But to get them both, plus USB-C and USB-A wired charging, all in a single portable gadget? The new $99 Satechi Quatro might be the first we’ve seen.

Simply put, the Quatro is a USB external battery pack that offers up to 18W of USB-C PD charging for your phone or tablet, plus a dedicated 2.5W Apple Watch charging station and a 5W Qi wireless charging pad to top up your wireless earbuds or possibly a phone. The USB-A port delivers up to 12 watts.

Since it’s only got 10,000mAh of capacity, you shouldn’t expect it to fill up a completely empty iPad Pro, much less multiple gadgets at once — but if you’re worried you might not make it back to an outlet some evening, it could be a handy way to keep everything topped up. The sleek iPhone-esque styling also doesn’t hurt, though it may not match the iPhone 12 — rumor has it Apple is going back to squared-off edges this fall.

If you’re interested in giving it a go, the company’s taking 20 percent off preorders right here with the discount code “Quatro.”