31 March, 2023

Instagram Reels Getting Longer Videos, Extended Timer, New Edit Features

Instagram’s latest update will allow users to make 30-second Reels videos instead of just 15.

Instagram’s latest update will allow users to create a reel of up to 30 seconds. Until now, reels were strictly only up to 15 seconds. Instagram has announced some basic but useful updates for the short video making and sharing feature that is competing with TikTok, just a couple of months after it was launched. Other updates include extending the timer up to 10 seconds while recording a reel, and the ability to trim and delete any clip. Instagram is expected to roll out these updates to all users soon.

Instagram announced the latest updates for Reels via Twitter. The updates seem to be aimed at making the process of recording and uploading a reel smoother, while also widening the range of videos that can be uploaded.

Reels is a short video making and sharing feature on Instagram, through which users can record and edit videos with audio and visual effects. Reels was launched in India soon after TikTok was banned by the government almost three months ago, and expanded globally soon after. TikTok is currently facing an impending ban in the US, too.

TikTok lets users record and upload videos that are up to one minute long. While the video-length Reels allows is nowhere close to what TikTok offers, the latest update still doubles the time limit, and may succeed in pulling in more users.

The update may also help Reels stand out from the other features Instagram offers. Giving more scope to edit Reels on the app also may make it less of a hassle to use. Currently, the timer can only be up to three seconds, but the update will increase this to 10.

Earlier this month, Facebook-owned Instagram had launched a dedicated Reels tab for users in India. This was aimed at making it easier for people to discover new Reels creators and their videos. India was the first market to receive this dedicated tab.