23 March, 2023

Google Messages Testing Categories for Better SMS Filtering: Reports

Google Messages is testing categories like All, Personal, Transactional, OTP, Offers, and More.

Google Messages may soon categorise your SMS messages into various categories. According to various screenshots shared on Twitter, the Google Messages app may soon get categories like Personal, Transactional, OTP (one-time password), among others to segregate the types of texts that a user receives. The sorting of messages on the basis of content is probably aimed at making the overall user experience better. Google is already working on various features, like automatically deleting OTPs after 24 hours to unclog inbox, in the Messages app.

As per user reports on Twitter, Google is testing SMS categories in the Messages app and it may soon be rolled out broadly. Screenshots from that test have popped up on Twitter and show various categories, including All, Personal, Transactional, OTP, Offers and More. Various apps, like Truecaller and OnePlus Messages app, already come with SMS filtering options.

The news comes a few days after a report said that Google is working on a feature in Google Messages app that will automatically delete OTPs 24 hours after receiving them. Generally, OTPs have a shelf life of up to 30 minutes and after that they just remain in the inbox. This feature is aimed at helping users to reduce the clutter in their inboxes.

Google has already updated its Messages app by bringing a Verified SMS feature that helps users confirm the true identity of the businesses texting them. The new feature highlights the authenticity of businesses on the Messages app by verifying them on a per-message basis. The business name, logo and verification badge will be seen on the message thread once a user receives a message from one of the businesses enrolled for the Verified SMS feature.