Digital Passion Gadget Giveaway Live Game Show

This Gameshow tests participants’ knowledge of everyday tech. It consists of 3 segments (Fastest Finger First, Photo Matching, & Fire Round). Participants accrue points from first segment up to the last segment and the participant with the highest points wins the competition. Consolation prizes will be won by last 3 runner ups, Also consolation prizes for the first 3 people to join the show.

Fastest Finger (First Segment)

In this segment, the participants get to answer 7 questions. The Fastest participants with the Correct Answers gets 20 points each, then move to the next segment of Photo Matching.

Photo Matching (Second Segment)

Participants from the first stage are presented with photos of 7 tech Celebrities/gadget/logo/ and certain facts about any one of the characters.  Each Correct answer is worth 40 points.

Fire Round (Third Segment)

This is called the fire round because the trivia here is difficult and the wins are huge. So participants have an opportunity to make huge wins and cover for loses in the earlier rounds. 7 questions will be asked and each correct answer is worth 100 points.

Rules of the game

  1. You must have subscribed to Digitalpash Channel
  2. At least 18 years of age
  3. You have 30 seconds to answer all questions in each segment
  4. You have to answer all 7 questions at once and send your answers thus (Q1=A, Q2=B, Q3=A, Q4=C etc)
  5. No Guess Answers.
  6. You only get to participate once

Join the Game on YouTube Every Sunday by 6pm and win big!