Samsung ‘SGH-N378’ Phone With 5G-Enabled Snapdragon 750G Spotted on GeekBench

The listing does not reveal much about the handset, aside from 6GB of RAM and Android 11 OS.

A new 5G-enabled Samsung smartphone was spotted on GeekBench by a known tipster and includes some specifications of the device. The listing bears the model number “Samsung SGH-N378.” Based on the GeekBench score, the phone is believed to be powered by the 5G-enabled Snapdragon 759 chipset. The leak also includes additional details like 6GB of RAM, an Adreno 619 GPU, and Android 11.

The Snapdragon 750G chipset is one of Qualcomm’s signature, newer, and budget-friendly 5G offerings. The report by GizmoChina speculates that this could be a precursor of the upcoming Galaxy A52 5G, which has been linked with the Snapdragon 750G by earlier leaks. Additionally, the handset also holds a resemblance to the Samsung A42 5G, which is already announced.

Yet, the puzzling bit is the SGH-N378 model number, that is different from those in other models in the same range. While this may not be indicative of anything in particular and could have been quite random on pre-release and development software, it coincidentally bears a close similarity with the notation of the old, pre-2013 Samsung-style models.

The mysterious notation is distinctly different from the Galaxy A42 5G’s SM-A426B and SM-A426B/DS. Reportedly, the closest model to be found to the notation is the Galaxy J.

The new model number could also suggest an entirely new Galaxy family in the offing, although Samsung already has quite a few families of devices to potentially add the new model number to. Galaxy M12, with a rather Galaxy A42-like design has also been coming up in the rumour mill lately.