3 February, 2023

Chrome Allows Google, YouTube to Store User Data Even If You Want to Delete it, Claims Developer

Google continues to track you even if you explicitly instruct it not to, an independent software developer has claimed....


Flight Rules and Regulations : kids will learn the very basic overview of what the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority...

Sunday Idajili

Mr. Sunday is what we call a genius in the world of UAVS. He is a certified DJI expert...

Fola Akinmolayan

A proclaimed tech evangelist, who has been in the IT and core tech for almost twenty years. He is...

About us

At Digital Passion promotes DIY values in young adults and by extension kids, thereby making STEM fun and exciting amongst young people. We want our society to be one of innovators and pioneers around science and technology not consumers of tech only. Our mission is to inspire young kids to reduce time sitting in front of a phone screen and utilize technology to evolve and discover new realities. Our team comprises of people who are crazy about innovation and a leaders in their fields of expertise.

Cost of the Program

Full package with your own take home drone kit – 140,000 Naira

Without the Drone- 100,000 Naira

These costs also covers lunch and refreshments. A 10% discount will apply for parents with multiple kids.


Each camp is for five days. Starting from the 10th of August to the 30th of August. A camp consists of 25 kids.