4 December, 2022



Google Glass


  • The ability to take photos and videos and then share exactly what the user is seeing through Google Hangouts.
  • The option to use the Google search engine through the glasses, using Wi-Fi or a smartphone’s data connection.
  • The ability to have translations streamed straight to the wearer through the screen.
  • Reminders to complete certain chores or tasks with an added visual aspect that will prompt a notification to appear on the user’s screen every time they look at a particular object.
  • The ability to sync the glasses to calendars stored on phones or computers in order to receive reminders of events and meetings.
  • Support of both voice and video calls. In the video calls, wearers can show the other person exactly what they’re looking at instead of talking face-to-face.
  • The ability to answer emails and text messages using voice dictation.
  • Collaboration with Google Maps to provide step-by-step directions with a map displayed on the screen.
  • The ability to respond to facial and head movements, such as allowing the user to tilt their head to scroll through a page or operate the device with eye movements.
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  • Google Glass Explorer Edition v2.0
  • USB cable
  • USB charger
  • USB Mono earbud (this is the new one that was recently released)
  • Glass Carrying pouch
  • Glass Starter Guide w/ additional nose pads
  • Original Box


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